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Preparation of Suitable Ultrathin Formvar Film for Transmission Electron
Microscopic Technique

Category : Physical Science
Author : Piyanan Thanomchat*, Yupadee Paopun
Email : rdipnt@ku.ac.th
Keyword : Formvar film, Transmission electron microscopy, Characteristic
Volume : Microsc. Microanal. Res. 2018 32(1)
Download Start & End Page : 34 - 38


Formvar is a polyvinyl formaldehyde polymer which has been used to support specimens for transmission electron microscopic studies.  It is suitable as a supporting film because of its high resistance to electron beams.  In this study, formvar films were prepared by casting  0.2 percent formvar solution for 3, 5, 8 and 10 seconds on glass slides. The thickness of the film was observed using an atomic force microscope.  The result showed that the film thickness varied with the casting time.  The casting times of 8 and 10 seconds resulted   in the thickness of 27.26±1.51 and 38.40±1.35 nanometers.  It was found that  film thicknesses between 27.26 and  38.40 nanometers are suitable because of their strength, smoothness and lack of  shrinkage.  The films cast for  3 and 5 seconds are thinner (16.51±1.88-21.61±0.95 nanometers) than those cast for 8 and 10 seconds.  However, those thin films exhibited shrinkage or wrinkling when observed under a scanning electron microscope and a transmission electron microscope.  Overall of this study revealed that film casting times of 8 and 10 seconds were appropriate to prepare the thin films for transmission electron microscopy.

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